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Scottish Power and SSE fined £4.15million for failing to fit free insulation

Scottish Power and SSE have been hit with multi-million pound fines for failing to fit thousands of homes with insulation and other energy efficiency measures.

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Green Deal Orb Update

The Green Deal Orb has made an announcement on a number of updates for the Green Deal Supply Chain.

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Landlords to be forced to improve homes

Landlords who rent out properties built in the Victorian era and early part of the twentieth century may be forced to make upgrades to make them more energy efficient, under government proposals.

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New Energy Company Obligation Consultation Announced

The Department of Energy and Climate Change have announced a new consultation on the Energy Company Obligation.

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UK now using less energy according to report

A report by the Energy Saving Trust has today confirmed that the UK is using 10% less Gas and Electricity than 5 years ago, this is a result of Government and EU policies.

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Latest ECO Brokerage Stats

The latest results from the ECO Brokerage have now been made available, showing feedback on a number of areas of the Energy Company Obligation.

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Telegraph features Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

Green Deal Home Improvement FundThe Telegraph newspaper have featured the additional funding that has been added to year 1 of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

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Solid Wall element of GDHIF fully allocated until Feb 2015

DECC have confirmed that the Solid Wall Insulation element of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund has now been allocated until February 2015. The £24m of funding was allocated in less than 48 hours and will now see installations taking place over the coming months leading up to the next allocation of funding in February and then year 2 GDHIF funding commencing in April.

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